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Our community

GateBridge is more than a place to eat, sleep, go to work and repeat. It’s a place to belong and call home, a safe and supportive place to build economic, social, and cultural wealth for residents and community.

Who we are

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Our vision

Thriving communities where residents share in ownership and where the full humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual can flourish.

Our mission

To build wealth in low income communities by promoting ownership in cooperative housing and enterprises.

Our theory of change

Structural and systemic problems require structural and systemic solutions. Disinvested communities struggle to overcome legacies of slavery, segregation, mass incarceration, and economic marginalization.

Redlining, housing discrimination, and waves of “urban renewal” have long extracted wealth from low-income and minority communities to build the wealth of those living outside the community. These public policies and private practices have contributed to the top 10% of households holding 70% of the country's wealth, while the bottom 50% hold 2%.

The burdens of wealth inequality disproportionately fall on low-income and minority communities. The median wealth of whites is ten times that of Blacks in America and eighty-one times that of Blacks in the nation’s capital. Persistent inequalities in income, home and business ownership, as well as inheritance, drive the racial wealth gap. The problem is circular. Wealth gaps systemically deprive substantial segments of the population of the capital needed to acquire wealth-generating assets: savings to weather simple emergencies, capital to fund home down-payments, startup and expansion of businesses, education for job and career mobility, general health and well being, and inheritances.

GateBridge takes a reparative, equity-focused, and community wealth-building approach to change. It bakes into the economics and programming of each development pathways to ownership, where renters and workers have ownership interests in the places where they live and work, building equity and wealth for themselves and the community, while impacting the wealth gap in the process.

Drawing on the cooperative histories and traditions of local communities and residents, GateBridge creates GATEways and BRIDGES to a better tomorrow - one in which the full humanity, dignity, and freedom of all can flourish.

Our program

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GateBridge is a mixed income & occupation residential community committed to building wealth and quality of life in low-income communities: For placemaking, role-modeling, mentoring, and networking purposes, a range of workforce/ GATE-force occupations is essential to building holistic and sustainable communities

G-uardians (Public Servants)

Our resident-owners build wealth through their share in the residential cooperative and, should they wish to become worker-owners of the Change-Makers cooperative, through shares in it as well.

As asset manager, GateBridge delivers enrichment, education, and technical support to resident-owners of the Residential co-op and worker-owners of the Change-Makers co-op.

Cooperatives are integral to sustainable and thriving communities


1 in 3 Americans are co-op members (approx. population as of 10/21/2021)


of all households use the products and services of consumer cooperatives


cooperatives operate in every sector of the U.S. economy

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