Cooperative Housing

Through innovative asset management and guided by its mission to close racial wealth gaps, Gatebride is developing cooperative housing ventures in predominantly black neighborhoods that lack affordable housing.

With Gatebridge’s leadership, cooperative housing ventures will include: 

  • Education: Gatebridge will lead the efforts to share the benefits of cooperative living with target communities. 
  • Governance: Gatebridge will provide guidance and expertise in developing fair, equitable, and effective governance structures that meet the needs of cooperative housing communities. 
  • Community-building: Gatebridge will facilitate the development of intentional communities, attracting people of diverse incomes and occupations, and incorporating best practices from research that show the strategic need for G-A-T-E force residents in communities - Guardians, Artists, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs. 

GateBridge residents gain access to a wide range of onsite programming and opportunities sponsored by GateBridge and our strategic partners: government agencies, businesses, universities and other nonprofit organizations. This programming provides opportunities for workforce and career development, networking and special events, employment and business ownership.

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